Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Koch Brothers Exposed

Thanks to LINK TV I finally have gotten to watch the Koch Brothers Exposed documentary.  And it is now understandable as to why they wanted it blocked on PBS.

These are very bad people.

Their father made his money in Russia in the 30's with the help of Stalin.  So to start with, the Kochs are
anti-America.  It is fair to say that everything that is wrong with America right now, all the negative reports about Obamacare, all the climate denier reports, the fracking, is the result of  deliberate campaigning by the think tanks formed by the traitorous brothers.  Everything you have heard about the buying and selling of the United States Congress, your senator and representative --- and mine ---  is all due to the heinous activity of the Koch brothers.  And they have not stopped at the Congress, the 2 now entertain the radical conservative elements of the Supreme Court.


Hanging is too good for them.