Monday, May 28, 2012

Even Republicans give Romney a thumbs down

Not that I would have voted for him anyway.  But here are some core Republicans expressing so succinctly why nobody should vote for Romney.

The man is a total disgrace.  He is the very embodiment of the reason why Republican Crony capitalism is through.

Finished in America.

The Romney campaign is trying to claim that old Mitt is a job creator.

What lies!

What liars!


Bain Capital is a prime player of vulture capitalism, Rick Perry says.
So the video gives us some insider's view of how Mitt Romney sees the world.  And I for one, tremble at the prospect of a Mitt Romney/Return of the GOP presidency for four years look at the damage George W. Bush did in fours years and then the stupids began chanting "Four More Years!" and he finished off the entire American economy.    
Now take a look at Robert Reich as he clears the flatulent air of Republican lies with the bothersome (to Republicans) dart of shining reality.


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