Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Why Everybody Loses With TPP

ow that corporations have defined their long term goals, we are all in trouble.  The simple reason being that corporations want to dominate all governments everywhere.  That is, Capitalism has always wanted to dominate the world and can't exist or co-exist with Communism or even Socialism.  It is like rabid dogs they will not stop.  Especially now that they can sniff victory in the air what with Obama pushing hard for its passage and insisting that nobody read what is in it until it has passed Congress.  We know that none of it does Americans any good.  Indeed, the substance of the TPP seems to be Wiener Take All!

They foresee a world where corporations, like say, Monsanto, Dow Chemical, Dupont, GE, Halliburton, you name any corporation whatever size  -- they can sue your local state county or city or neighborhood laws or even rules.  They will have absolute power.  The Corporations now seek to dominate world government forever with nary a word of dissent because after all the treaty calls for corporations to sue any government that they deem impeding in any way, their profit or even their potential profit.

This is a masterbatory fantasy cooked up either in ALEC or in a backroom somewhere.  I almost wrote a "Back Alley" somewhere, as it has that low, brutish sort of mentality behind it.

And the scary thing is, as I say, now that they know what they really want, and verbalized it, put it into a treaty,  they will never quit trying to insert their greed based manipulations, wishes and deadly desires into every bill that comes into Congress.

*   *   *

So my question is why is Obama pushing this?  Why is he persecuting Elizabeth Warren when she tries to talk some sense into him?

Why has Barack Obama become a treasonous president ready to deliver America to the corporate thugs?  Either there is a lot of money behind it for him, or else they have promised that if it does not pass he along with his wife and children will be assassinated.  Oh, yes!  That is the way capitalism works.  The corporations really are that vile.  Look at Comcast, for example.

 I voted for Obama.


I am more disappointed than I can say.  I hated the Tea Party for their unreasoning hatred of Obama.  I thought they were wrong.

They were right!

Barry you're a liar and a fraud.

Here are 2 good, quick discussions on video by people who know what they are talking about.

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