Monday, November 30, 2015

Why There Is No Longer A Choice

The American People must wake up and revolt against their own government or lose their country altogether.  And it must be soon.  The government agencies are set against the people.  The recent murders by police of American citizens, black and people of color, and white, have told us what is on their agenda.  A police state is what is already happening.  The authoritarians will tell you that if you don't immediately obey a police officer then you must be a bad person worthy only to be shot to the death.  This is a supreme violation of our United States Constitution.  Then the jury members who are carefully selected by the prosecutors for their extreme conservative mindset can be counted on to return a "Not Guilty" verdict.  So the justice system is another system which is constantly used in the South and Texas, against us; and now it becomes clear that our courts are easily rigged -- so we no longer have a fair and honest court system.

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