Saturday, September 11, 2010

9/11--- The Truth of the Lies

How did you know the Bush administration was lying to all of America in everything they said about 9/11 and the subsequent war of aggression in Iraq?  How did the liberal members of Congress know they were being lied to about the existence of Weapons of Mass Destruction under Saddam Hussein?  Without even taking into account the fact that Saddam was subsequently condemned to death by a Court of puppet judges and puppet lawyers largely set up by the Bush Administration to give the appearance of legitimacy to the Death Sentence which was already a done deal.  Granted that Saddam Hussein was a monstrous tyrant.  But the people of Iraq expected nothing better; brutal, tyrannical government has been the history of that region for centuries.  And its' people tended to be faint hearted, indeed, downright listless, about the prospects of democratic elections.  Add to that, as we have seen, without the strong arm of a totalitarian government, the Middle Eastern countries, along with Asian and African emerging nations, tend to sink into utter chaos accompanied by, as much as brought on by  the rot of petty warlords and other attributes of total corruption.  Freedom, democracy--- too difficult. 

The time I spent in India and Nepal, opened my eyes to the corruption inherent in the poorer countries.  Nepal was, indeed a corrupt monarchy.  When government officials are not decently paid they tend to shakedown the citizens as well as the tourists.    

You'll have to include the entire corporate media in this riddle,  as they had all the details of the 9/11 attack at their fingertips mere minutes after the attack; not to forget that certain TV news anchors reported the collapse of the World Trade Center, and some well known anchors as much as 30 minutes before the actual event.  So back to the original question:  how do you know they were all lying?    

Their lips were moving.

How I wish all Congressmen and women had the clear vision and moral fiber of Dennis Kucinich.  But, let's face it, certain parts of the American population--- I call them Korrupt Kristian Kocksuckers,--- would rather send their very own moral midgets to Washington to give voice to their treasonous values or lack thereof.  The people who elected Rand Paul would be better off dead.  Their backward values, and his, are not the way this country or any country on the planet, or even in the Universe, ought to go.

Their racist attitudes are an abomination.

About the only real value to America of the war in Iraq was that it sent a lot of the Korrupt Kristian Kocksucker offspring to be killed in the Middle East.

The newspapers report that for every 3 men killed in battle, another 10 commit suicide.  The way I see it, those  are the men who awoke to find themselves fighting a corrupt war for a corrupt administration.  Add to that, the bottom feeder values of those who indulged in torture, and you have an army of fragile human beings who have lost all sense of meaning.  How could they find their lives anything but empty, given the circumstances of such moral vapidity.

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