Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Outlaw Tasers

Brutalization of the DOJ

ately, it seems that if local police all across America are not shooting and killing innocent citizens, then they are tasering harmless old folks and pregnant women.   Then, when they are brought to court to account for their crime, they invariably claim to have been in fear for their lives. This alarming and relatively new trend points to poor training at the Police Academies. And this abusive stance is not confined to big cities.  I do not know what the trainers are saying to these men and women, but by the time they get out onto the streets they have become brutally aggressive, when they are not being brutally defensive, and at other times simply brutal.

This civilization is not about that.

We are not yet a Third World or Emerging Nation where civil servants work for pittance and consider themselves lucky to be working at all.  As far as I know, they are well paid, and given early retirement with good livable retirement pay packages.  Nevertheless, look at the types of people who are hired.  There is a famous case in Hartford Connecticut,  where a man was not hired because he was deemed too smart.  So the policy is to hire only the low mentals.  And that is why these guys are so quick on the draw.  They are ten times more likely to be emotionally and psychologically underdeveloped, and the complaint is not merely the much too quickness of trigger-happy and all too frequently, racist cops, too concerned about citizens obeying their every little command immediately and far too lax about dealing sensitively, with troubled people in complex situations. We have heard cops complain that we are asking too much of them, by asking them to be heroic and aggressive when necessary, and then sensitive, when needed, and to immediately know the difference.  Instead we have far too many instances of thugs in uniform beating up and shooting children, and tasering pregnant women.  And always, the local mayor must side with the officer in question or else invite the threat of rancor and insurrection among the ranks of the police themselves, and their union.  What we have here is a good argument for hiring more intelligent and well-adjusted men and women to urban police departments.  Send the low mentals who can't restrain themselves from tasering innocent old ladies and the very young.

In the video below, we see the extreme example of police officers invading a law abiding citizen's home, and brutalizing him because they were too frightened of a 64 year old man who was obviously unarmed, and merely rising out of his chair after asking the police officers to leave his property.

They tasered him for no good reason!

In fact, it appears that they tasered him because he didn't beg for a taste of their boot leather.

If these goons are not found guilty and fired from the department dishonorably--- and made an example of by imprisonment for the maximum sentence, it will be just another instance of corruption at City Hall.  The detective in Washington DC, whom you will see in the video, is obviously on the side of police brutality.  He dances all around the issue, all the while making excuses for the cops' cowardice.  Brutalizing an injured 64 year old, unarmed man in his own home!  This was all a matter of police arrogance. This is a serious issue which demands much more discussion by civilians in dialogue with the City Halls leadership of most cities and towns across America, and upper level police officials.     

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