Sunday, February 19, 2012

Koch brother Criminality

he Koch brothers are actually criminals.  They have been caught stealing oil from Native American reservations.  When congress wanted to investigate this wrongdoing, the Koch's simply called up old Bob Dole, one of their dearest friends, and said "Hey, Bobby, take care of this, will ya?"  And suddenly there was no more Congressional Investigation.  But as a tacit admission of their guilt, they paid the tribe $25M in reparations.  Not much but it is a start.

Those boys have such good and dear friends in Congress.

But then too, they have been caught redhanded lying to Henry Waxman about the Pipe Line bringing crude oil from Alberta Canada to the Gulf.

One would think that conservatism would make men more honor bound, more ethical.  How disappointing to find that great wealth makes for conservatives who are so corrupt and worse, corrupting, that they can't be stopped.

The Koch brother filth is everywhere.

Thanks to their manipulations America is no longer one of the good guys in the world.  Quite the contrary, we are feared as much as, and in the same way that America feared the Soviet Union, whether or not that fear was justified, even back then.  We are slipping into Fascism.  The new bills which passing through congress are toxic bills designed to shred the US Constitution and strip each and every citizen of his inalienable rights.

You may have heard it a thousand times, but here it is again, Power corrupts and Absolute Power corrupts absolutely.  The Koch brothers are among the very richest men in America.  And they want to own it completely.  And they cannot own it all if you own even a tiny share.  So their strategy is to move you off the planet.  And they don't really care how that gets done.




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