Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Real Valentine's Day Gift, For A Change

Please don't bother to give me roses or chocolates for Valentines' Day!  Instead a real gift ---  such as a government which lives by a commitment to truth and a real concern for the welfare of Americans;  which reveres the Constitutional liberties as laid out in the Bill of Rights Amendments to the Constitution--- would be fine.

But skip it if you want to keep this government --- which puts people in jail for smoking marijuana; but says it is perfectly fine for banksters to fuck you over --- and kick you out of your house where you have lived for ten or 15 years.  And then when they have actually been convicted of fraud.  And even admitted that they were engaged in racketeering, to charge them what amounts to chump change for them, and say:
"That's fine, guys!  Feel free to keep on doing what you've been doing; without ever being hauled into court in the future for any crime whatsoever," as we the people would be if we ever did half, NO!  make that, if we ever did one millionth of the scope of real crimes the banksters have done.
Did you happen to see where Supreme Court Ruth Bader Ginsberg, (thank heavens, she's on our side,) recommended that a country seeking a new constitution use the up-to-date South African constitution as a model, and keep away from our 234 years old constitution.  Ours has too many holes for evil entities to game the system.  Evil entities such as the SCOTUS's very own John Robert's Gang of Five.

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