Thursday, December 9, 2010

Oops! Where Did I Put That Nine Trillion Dollars?

If anyone is still asking themselves how and why Alan Grayson,  Representative from District 8 in Florida, one of the precious few men in the US Congress who asks really pertinent questions of the Federal Reserve Banks' Inspector General, was targeted by the banking lobby to bite the dust, you will see the answer in this video.

The issue he is pursuing is very simply,  what ever happened to the Nine Trillion dollars that was given to the Fed.  Yes, we know about the $700,000,000,000 of bailout money.  But what about this amount, 9 extra big ones, that's twelve zeros with a 9 before them, which nobody ever mentioned to the press; or perhaps the media just neglected to investigate.  

"9 Trill?  Hey, Ben? You know anything about that 9 trill?"   

"Uh...which 9 trillion izzat?  I don't nuffing about no 9 trillion."

"Unh...OK, then.  See that, Congressman Grayson?  Nobody don't know nuffing about no 9 trill."

Apparently such things are still not to be mentioned in polite company.  I wonder why.  



The moron replacing Grayson, I keep forgetting his name, ah, yes, Daniel Webster, is a religious nut; believes in suppressing women, and will function as nothing more than a goon who will do as he is told by the Republican bosses.  

Obviously the big money who own the Republican and much of the Democratic Congress, couldn't leave a loose cannon like Grayson in Congress to expose their filth and lies.  So they want to play hardball.  Fine with me.  

Let them choke on this:  the capitalists, themselves, will bring about their own destruction.  Even as they fight it tooth and nail, the oligarchy will step so far over the line, that  as in Latin America, communism will become the inevitable outcome of their corruption.  And I say this with great sadness. 

We had all hoped that capitalism would work for everyone.  

That is what Adam Smith actually envisioned:  A Free Market with perfect equality and perfect freedom.  And Smith was very careful to spell out those last two conditions of a Free Market.  And for awhile it looked like it just might work out that way.  But greed is a human condition which arises whenever a person is placed next a great deal of money.  Then there can never be enough.  The rich get richer because they are driven not only to have their own legitimate money, but they are compelled to devise ways to steal from the pockets of the poor.  Smith, also, in the same book, The Wealth of Nations, said that a nation is only as wealthy as its poorest citizen.  Could this be the real reason that the minions of the crooked wealthy hate America so much?  


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