Wednesday, December 8, 2010

a message from those who dissent

Raw Story found this video on their channel on YouTube this morning.  It is a statement of the philosophy of those who believe that Wikileaks is the right way to topple tyranny.  The entire war against Julian Assange on the part of many world governments is very simply, they want to control the Internet.  And Anonymous, believes that free access to the Internet is a basic human right.  The problem is, if they win it will only be a temporary victory.  The forces of evil, of greed, of profit at any price, of croney capitalism, of the craven conservative outlook, is, that they will bide their time crawl out from under the rock when the young idealists of freedom aren't looking.  They will simper and whisper, like Karl Rove, using idiots like George W. Bush and the Evangelical Christians, as their front, to claw their way to the place where they can leverage ultimate power.



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