Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A One Term President...Damn it!

P resident Obama surely knew that the vast majority of Americans, certainly the young liberals who voted to put him in office, wanted him to end the meaty tax cuts for the rich.  Unless he has completely walled himself off from the groundswell of public opinion which has been all but hollered from the  rooftops, how could he not.  Nobel Laureate Economist, Paul Krugman, could not have been clearer in his column yesterday:  "Extend the tax cuts for the rich and we lose Social Security." According to Krugman it is really that simple. And that consequential.  And the destruction of all signs of civilization, at the hands of the rich, is what we are really talking about here.  That was the deal.

So Obama is really the Republican's Poison Pill all along.  This move was too pat.  Too carefully choreographed. The choreographic patterns show too clearly.  Jim Bunning started the ball rolling, with his filibuster blocking the extension of unemployment insurance.  Then somebody else did it.  And then--- Golly whiskers, weren't they sweet, to step aside after making a very important point:  the crippling power wielded by the GOP.

Alas, this is not the first time Obama has betrayed, not only the people, but his own vision.   So it comes as no surprise that both White House phone lines were jammed this morning by angry progressives.

And if they could see where Obama's deal was going to lead to within one and a half years, why couldn't Obama who is so much smarter than many of us?

But then, too, it should hardly come as surprising that he made such a move that would be so toxic to the very people who put him in office.  This has been, as they say, a long time brewing.  Just last week, Republicans were crowing about how they were walking Obama like their pet Bijon puppy.



So here it is: Mission Accomplished.

America, you lose!

Tea baggers, you lose!

We all lose everything!  Everything gained in the way of being a civilized nation, since the 1920's.

How happy the evil ones are now.

Personally, I find it worthy of note that he speaks so harshly to the very voters who put him in office.  On the other hand, one can't help but observe how sweetly he deals with the Republican insects.♦

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