Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Putting the Banksters Where They Belong

Why are banks involved in higher education?

In a civilized society the Federal Government's job understood properly, ought to be making higher education tuition-free for anyone who wishes to avail themselves. Banks need to stick to their job as footmen in the Temples of the Money-Worshipping Satanic Droids which all they are.

Who is there, still, who believes that banksters are models of virtue?


And looking back through the ages, who, among the wise has ever recommended the pursuit of money?

Not a one!

Given the dearth of arguments recommending banking and banksters, how is it that the Wall Streeters have earned such enormous respect in the world.  After all, they dirty their hands with filthy money.  Indeed, their spiritual hands are dirtier than someone who digs ditches.  As it turns out, some of the most ardent proponents against legalizing marijuana are the banksters.  And why?  Because they enjoy laundering the immense wealth of the criminal drug cartels.  The ones who drive tanks through the streets of Mexico simply to demonstrate their lawlessness, and their power, and their uncompromising ruthlessness.  So it turns out that the banks are even more ruthless than the cartels.

An article in last Saturday's New York Times about how the banksters have overreached so far, so egregiously far, into our lives that I raced to the computer to see if I could convey the rage flowing through my body and mind.  The sheer injustice of banksters in collusion with Congress, and other criminals in the temples of the money changers exceeds anything humanity has thus far witnessed.    

Their lobbyists have outdone themselves.

In brief, a seventy-two year old womana took out a student loan back in 1970.  She didn't finish paying off the loan. But that is neither here nor there.  She is not cavalier about it.  Depression, alcoholism and bad luck set in. She has made attempts to pay it off.  But by now, the amount has ballooned from the $3, 400 of the original amount to more than $15,000.

She despairs of ever paying off this debt.

When she received her first SSI check in the mail she saw that one fifth of the check was missing.  A phone call to SSI revealed that the banks had lobbied long and hard so that literally nothing but death would stand in the way of repayment of a Student Loan. Personally, I believe that nothing but death should stand in the way of the banksters going to jail.  And Jamie Dimon being one of the first to go.

My thought is that the banks need, in the first place, to go to jail for what they have done to this country. And as yet not a single one has even come to trial.  Nor even a hint of a trial.  And if anybody should happen to mention that nasty little fact, they are met with faces twisted into expressions usually reserved for questions like "...why is the earth so far from the sun."

But the real issue is this:

Why is it, when with so many rip-off diploma mills, -- oh, excuse me -- they are now advertising themselves as "for-profit universities", shoveling, as they currently do, Federally subsidised tuition grants onto their plates and offering next to nothing in the way of education, that the Obama administration has not stepped up to create a program to forgive such loans in older retiree's, and to take on the banksters -- and make all higher education tuition-free?

There is the horrific story of women who thought they were working toward acquiring nursing degrees, but the only hospital they were able to visit courtesy of their online for-profit "university" was a Psychiatry Museum which belonged to the Church of Scientology. Some years ago I knew a man who was paid by The Church of Scientology to write in the dust on city buses, with his finger, this phrase:

"Psychiatry kills."  Some Museum.

Too many seeking to better themselves through higher ed are being robbed by the banks and the craven bureaucrats of the federal government allow it.  Why are the money-worshippers allowed this?

Let me tell you why:  they've studied the techniques of the old Mafia gangsters.  In fact, the old Mafia bosses would have blushed at the percentages of interest the banksters now charge for student loans.  But here is the part which made me see red:  banks may steal people's Social Security Insurance payments.

To be continued.  

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