Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Hey, America! Tear Down the FCC

Here is the real upshot of teaching children to obey authority:  They get to be adults and find they cannot figure their way out of a sandbox.  Case in point:  Tom Wheeler, the director of the FCC, is leaning heavily toward giving Comcast the best blowjob they have ever enjoyed.  Old Tom seems to be licking his lips despite what more than 3-4 million American citizens are shouting in his ear.

But so far the only thing all these people can think to do is yell a little louder!


The real solution is to demand that he lose his job.  Dismantle the Federal Communications Commission.  If a bureaucratic office no longer serves the needs of the people it is designed to serve, let's have a hanging.  Put old Tom on the hot seat and ask him why he chooses not to listen to the people he was hired to listen to.  But then Congress seems no longer disposed to ask such questions of the sock puppets of big business.


The American people know the answer but are hugely reluctant to face up to the real consequences of their timidity.

Tom Wheeler if not yet on the take is certainly drooling to taste his first real big fat dick.

Does anybody not yet know that The Congress of the United States of America is on the take.


So Congress wishes people like Alan Grayson, Bernie Sanders, Jeff Merkley, Elizabeth Warren, and a handful of others, would dry up and blow away.  Lacking that, Karl "Nazi" Rove and the Billionaires, (sounds like a rock band, doesn't it) want to knock them out of the water with money.  Flooding the TV screens with their noxious commercials.

If you want Net Neutrality, don't just shout in Tom Wheeler's ear: dismantle the entire FCC!  Then put it back together the way you want it.

After all, this is a Democracy, isn't it?

Isn't it?  

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