Friday, July 2, 2010

Let Us Indict The Right People

Al Gore's Grope

Inoticed that the scandalous story in the Oregonian this week, which is a little juicier even, than a step mom suspected of killing her little step son, while the biological Mom and Dad get back together to point the finger at the step mom; even juicier than that, is the story of how former Vice President, Al Gore, once, long ago, groped a woman, a masseuse, in Portland, OR, and apparently, she kept the dress with the cum stains on it, which sounds like what went on was a bit more than a grope.

But the true source of the story is The National Enquirer, that shining example of unsullied ideals representing the very best in American reportage. If you disregard the Enquirer's record of lost lawsuits and the millions it has paid out to celebrities in lost libel suits, you find the quivering image of no less a corrupt publisher, Rupert Murdock. And the story is very much in the purview of the NE. But what it really does is to open up the entire issue, hitherto verboten, of prosecuting a very higher up leader of the nation.

The very thought fills me with joy! As a result of prosecuting a former Vice President for a trivial count, we may then begin to get somewhere in the quest for justice concerning the officials of the Bush/Cheney era.

Surely the issue of an bringing to justice, at long last, an administration blatantly guilty of the most heinous War Crimes would take precedence over the mere "groping" of a masseuse, who, if truth be told, fought off many an enamored customer. Otherwise, why was she involved in a business so closely associated with prostitution that in every major city, Massage Parlors are notorious sex dens?♦

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