Saturday, July 3, 2010

BP Oil Spill: Illuminati Strikes Again

Who Really Owns BP

This video puts the pieces together concerning the BP oil spill, the fouling of the waters of the Gulf of Mexico, and ultimately all the oceans of the world. Sr. Salbuchi puts forth an astonishing wealth of real information. For example, do you know who really owns BP? The answer may be very unsettling for most people. In fact, the real story of how the BP spill is merely a small part of a much bigger plan, will very likely not be believed by most people.

It is too incredible.

Too Dark.

But such secrets hide in their own negative credibility. Many people still refuse to believe that Lyndon Johnson's Bay of Tonkin caper really happened. It is too hideous to believe that a sitting American president would seek to destroy a U.S. naval ship and all the humanity aboard; yes, sacrifice the lives of hundreds of American sailors, for the profit of a few industrialists and arms dealers. But we have the sworn statements of the captain of the ship and others. Ultimately the attack by the Israeli bombers was unsuccessful in sinking the ship, even though we have the recording of Johnson yelling over the telephone, "I want that goddamn ship on the bottom of the ocean! Do you hear me?!" Ironically, the fact that the ship's captain managed to evade the Israeli bombers was not something he was rewarded for. Although it was a heroic action on his part. One for which most men would have been highly praised and decorated. Instead, he was told that if he ever mentioned a single word about what had happened there, in the Bay of Tonkin, there would be dire consequences to him and his family.

And of course, Johnson's plan was to blame the Israeli attack on the North Viet Namese Communists. That was how he hoped to get into the Viet Nam war.

I mention this Bay of Tonkin episode of American history, only to illustrate how vile and truly incredible the real stories behind the headlines are.

As far as responsible voices of the corporate media talking about this stuff, they tend to stay far away from such volatile stuff. If they were to speak of it, they would be immediately labeled as "conspiracy theorists" and their careers finished. And who would be the first to yell "conspiracy theorist"? Oh, let's say, the New York Times, the Washington Post, not to mention Fox News. The Bilderberg Group wanted the European Union, and we now have the European Union. Bilderbergs then wanted the Euro, and we now have the Euro. Don't think for one moment that they are not all powerful. And also, do not doubt that the inner core of the Bilderberg Group is referred to as the "Illuminati". Don't forget that both Hillary Clinton and Obama attended the meeting of the Bilderberg group in 2008. And that both Hillary and Obama are members of the CFR: the Council on Foreign Relations. And that it was not until the CFR gave their approval, that Jimmy Carter began his run for the presidency. Oh, and that Dick Cheney is a member of the CFR.

Also, that now that the Bilderberg group is getting closer to achieving their goal of world domination they are beginning to allow themselves to be known. But not only are Bill Clinton and Henry Kissinger, members, but so is the Queen of England, the Queen of the Netherlands, the Royal family of Sweden, as well as the heads of the the oil companies, and other CEO's such as General Electric. Don't believe me? Look it up your self.

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