Monday, April 28, 2014

The Oligarch's War on We, the People

As I discussed briefly in the previous essay, various government agencies, especially the secret agencies, The FBI, CIA, NSA, and who knows what other secretive agencies, are engaged in war against the American people.  It's easily shown that all three branches of the Federal Government as defined in the U.S. Constitution, are aligned against us: from the Supreme Court; The Congress, and the Executive branch. They all share one common trait.  As of the McCutcheon decision recently, the Supreme Court has now demonstrated that the Robert's Gang of Five is aligned against the people and for the monied.  This might not be as dreadful a blow to democracy in America as it is if we had the other two branches working for us.

But we don't!

You may have noticed that the Congress passes any bill that is supporting the Corporations, and they pass them in both houses of Congress in a matter of days, sometimes of hours.  But anything that the American people want, that for some reason despite the constant assurances that Congress is on our side, for some reason or other it just doesn't seem to happen.

So sorry, say the polititians.  I wish there was something we could do but our hands are just so tied.  You know how broken Washington is.  And well, this is just one of those things which shows how bad things are, don'chyaknow?

So these are some things which begin to percolate as I am watching the documentary on Gene Sharp's work on How To Start A (non-violent) Revolution!  It has already worked for several dozen countries.  It even worked in Egypt.  Trouble was that after the downfall of Hosni Mubarek, and the successful democratic election of Morsi, the people thought it was all over and they could safely go home.  But they did not see that the military was waiting for their chance to fuck things up!  And so now, even though the revolution non-violent, Egypt still has a tyrant government in the form of the Military Generals.  First the generals questioned the results of the election.  Then sensing that Morsi's government being new, was weak they marched in and arrested Morsi and simply took over whether anybody liked it or not!

So there goes the carefully worked out theories of Isaah Berlin at Cambridge University.  Berlin delivered some years ago, a lecture in which he said that violent revolution always produces a brutal dictatorship, the very opposite of it's original intention.  Egypt is therefore an important development in the evolution of political dissent and revolution by the oppressed peoples of the world.  One must be wary of the stupids!

The Blockheads!

The Military!

(To be continued.)

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