Friday, March 16, 2012

Further considerations on The FED

Here, in the link below is a passageway to one of the most lucid and well researched essays on the fraudulence perpetrated by the Federal Reserve I have yet seen.  If the public knew of how they were being scammed by both government and major banks there would be outrage such as has never been seen.  But the propaganda machine keeps on hypnotizing those already deep in slumber from womb to tomb.  You certainly won't read of it in any mainstream media.  After all, media, all of it, is owned by the banks; hereafter referred to as banksters. The banksters are far worse than the Capone gang in Chicago.  You always knew where you stood, or didn't stand, with the mob.  Banksters are more like the Wizard of Oz, who stands behind the curtain, pulling the levers of power.  They do their best to keep their identity hidden.  Who for example, would ever suspect that the Federal Reserve, the bank which likes to give the impression that it is a part of the government, and which prints our very dollars, is not only private, but is owned not by the so-called Board of Directors, but by the Queen of England and the Rothschilds. And they have one and only one mission in mind and that is to turn you and your children and their children into debt slaves. Serfs.  Do yourself a big favor and learn something about The Fed:

My own recent experience with the banksters has to do with my Sears card debt.  Some background:  After ten years of retirement my supplemental income has dwindled to the point where Social Security is my sole means of support.  And the same is true for my wife.  And despite the fact that I worked from the age of fourteen to 62, I never really made a lot of money.  I devoted my life to art; and then to helping other people raise funds for hospitals and other worthy community charities.

So I am eligible for the minimum amount that Social Security pays.  That combined with the fact that my debt ceiling has continued to rise even as my income has steadily dwindled has led to a crisis:  I cannot any longer pay my credit card and Paypal bills.

This circumstance has led to a lot of telephone activity from my bank creditors.  They call with astonishing regularity every other morning starting at eight AM.  And continue into the evenings and even on 4 or 5 times on Sundays.

When Citibank realized that I was living solely on SSI, they passed me on to a guy who was eager to "help."  His plan was to get me to agree to automate my payments on a certain day of the month, of my choosing and then they would sit back and collect oh, a hundred and fifty or so each month.  In return for this open handed reach into my bank account they would collect not only the original amount but also a percentage of interest, at 28% , that would be, in addition to their original outlay of $3,750.  As I said to one of the Collections people:  "Oh, for the good old days when the Mafia only charged 25%."  But she probably hears that sort of moaning and groaning 6 times every hour.

Compounded monthly about $14,000 over a period of five years. And of course, it goes without saying, that my credit card account would be closed.  And of course, considering my situation and my age, it would be very difficult for them to lower the interest rate.  After all, what guarantee could they have that I might not die before they had bled me dry?  So all of the money goes one way.

To Citibank.

Also, they would need access to my bank in case I decided that enough was enough and simply walked away from the debt.  With my consent to automate the payments they could keep on collecting ad infinitem.  With or without my permission.  And I would never again, in this lifetime, be able to scrape together enough money to buy a movie ticket.  Citibank is just one of my creditors. Paypal is another.  Wells Fargo is another.

Add to this information that I have only recently recovered from a double by-pass open heart surgery, along with advanced diabetes and obesity, which I seem unable to do anything about, the specter of my demise is immanent.

My good days are gone; even the bad ones of my old age are numbered.  I doubt that I have more than five years left on the planet.  Does any of this resonate with anybody out there?

None of this solves the problem of my debt.  These are just factoids.  But reading the article helps me to understand that I am not alone. That everyone is, as is said, in the same boat.  And further, that there is a reason why we are all in debt. Including the Federal Government.  And the banks, themselves.  Of course, the banks have only to claim that they are too big to fail, and run with their hands out to the Federal Government who gives them everything they want or ever could want.  And the Federal Reserve Bank simply prints some more money.That is their primary function.

The Fed prints all the money they want.

And with the principle of Fractionated Money, the banks can lend ten times the amount of money which they actually have.  Thus, all the major banks in America are leveraged out to the breaking point.  




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