Sunday, December 18, 2011

Still Don't Believe You're Being Controlled?

For those who've heard about subliminal advertising on TV, but couldn't quite put their finger on where and how it is embedded, here is a helpful video from Alex Jones.  There is much to be said about this deliberate manipulation of our subconscious minds.  And none of it is good.  As much as consumer protection agencies may try to stop this mind-theft, rape, really, on the part of advertising agencies, and corporations, there is little to nothing to be done to stop it.  The probability, nay, the certainty, of vast profit is too great.  From beer, to vacations, to movies, you don't know it but when you shop you are just a zombie fulfilling the commands of advertisers. And they love it when you say that it doesn't work on you.  That response is simply proof of their success.

From embedded linguistic cues which are picked up by the subconscious mind but unregistered by the conscious mind to scenes of rampant sexuality, again, subliminal advertising works on your psyche in hitherto unimaginable ways.  But they will modify your responses to otherwise ordinary products, so that after some nightly television viewing you will probably suddenly find yourself in a convenience store or supermarket picking up a particular bottle of beer; and though the thought will not appear as a conscious thought you will find yourself reaching for a bottle of not only sexy and attractive but truly manly, and it will be so subtle yet powerful, that you won't stop to question why a product is so attractive to you.

And don't think that commerce is the only area of control.  Government too, offers its own mode of mass mind control.  You can see that in this video as well.  So that if you watch television on the networks and other channels you are just a puppet to be controlled by people you will never meet.  All of them interested only in one thing: controlling your behavior without you knowing it, and in fact, in ways that you are contrary to your well being.  They make a lot of money doing it and you lose a lot of your money by viewing it.


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