Friday, December 9, 2011

Compassion and Conservatism

Let's start by laying down the first axiom:  Not only do Compassion and Conservatism not fit together in the same sentence, but not even the same paragraph.  See the video for a perfect example of how Tea Baggers see the world.  Then see the next video for how dogs have traveled so far up the path of evolution that they are more compassionate than any conservative you care to mention.

What started me on this subject is an article in today's newspaper, reporting that in lab experiments, rats showed more compassion than most humans.


Researchers restrained one rat and nearby they place some chocolate which rats love.  What they observed was incredibly surprising.  The rats ignored the chocolate in favor of rescuing their compatriot rat.  Only after they had freed the constrained rat did they turn to the chocolate and then seemed to offer it to the newly freed rat.



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