Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Trouble with A Randian's

As far as I can tell the people who are so moved by Atlas Shrugged that they want to be an Ayn Rand follower, are missing several very important points.

  • They are not John Galt and never will be.
  • They are not Ayn Rand  and never will be.
  • Ayn Rand would most likely call them to their faces, "corrupt mediocrities."
  • Ayn Rand may have despised the negative aspects of collectivism but she was also an authoritarian and insisted that everyone believe as she believed.
  • Her followers are just that, Followers; 
  • Ayn Rand hated people who followed other people.
Ayn Rand's Followers are authoritarian Followers.  That quality of being a Follower is easy to identify.  They brook no criticism of their chosen deity, or totalitarian dictator, seeing no difference between the two.  At the slightest hint of disagreement an authoritarian follower goes into attack mode with the ferocity of a Pitt Bull.

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