Friday, October 7, 2011

We Are What We've Been Waiting For


Rich Lowry is so unhappy about the grass roots uprising Occupy Wall Street he could only spit out such unmemorable rhetoric as pathetic, and other aspersions which, of course, merely indicate his own profound anger and disappointment that he finds himself once again of the wrong side of truth.  Then too there is the other bitter pill he must swallow: namely that the Koch brothers are not funding this real grass roots uprising as opposed to the billionaires' astro turf.  Occupy Wall Street as it spreads across the country, with far more energy than the the Tea-Baggers, constitute an intelligent answer to the vastly ignorant Tea Baggers.  We know what we are talking about.

They loved Sarah Palin because, in the words of one Tea-baggin' lady, "She will give us freedom!"

Right.  Next.

There is so much to say about this phenomenon of American Uprising, (which actually began in Wisconsin;) and pathetic and the like, are not words which will adequately describe it.  Lowry seems most pissed off that the whole episode of resistance of average Americans to the criminality of Wall Street and banksters, and the appalling fact that the Department of Justice has done nothing to indict, and punish these creeps for their mendacity and craven exploitation of the American 99%.  Poor Rich.  

We are The People; our moment has come.  The evil Republicans and I use the word after long consideration, have become inhuman in their heartlessness, their lack of compassion and their bold mindset of maintaining their fast crumbling illusion at all costs.

Joe Klein in Time Magazine the other day, quotes a woman--- Esmerelda something something, whose quick answer to his question, Why are you a Republican went like this:  "Because we believe in independence.  We don't believe in Social Security, state run health care, welfare, and unemployment insurance. We make it on our own."  That seemed like a good answer as far as Joe Klein was concerned.

But for me, not so much.

Esmerelda Lipschitz or whatever her name, seems to be one of those Republicans who seem organically incapable of remembering that the richest of rich corporations, historically in the 20th Century, have run to Congress for a quick couple of billion anytime their bonuses start scraping down in the single digit millions.  And Congress for its part is more than delighted to fork over as much as they can get away with.

We call that Corporate Welfare.

So Esmerelda prefers Corporate Welfare to really helping people who actually need it.

"Plenty for us,"  goes Esmerelda's mindset, "None for you."  Esmerelda loves privatism of everything on earth, and she just hates everything about socialism--- except, once again, where her sacred corporations are concerned.

And a correlary of that short-sighted view is corporations get to privatize profit and socialize losses.  In other words, Esmeralda's fantasy, if it were to be actualized, amounts to the Law of the Jungle.  As if civilization had never existed.

And here comes Elizabeth Warrens very astute argument which snags Republicanism before it gets out of the gate.  Nobody, ever got rich on their own.  They love to claim that is what happened but NO, the roads which take their product to market are paid by us, the 99%.  The education of the labor force which made their product was paid for by us.  And so on.



Whatever happens, whether Obama gets back into office or not, it doesn't matter, the fact is that as far as real Americans are concerned, the Republicans might as well pack up and go home.  They now have as much chance of re-gaining the White House or the House of Representatives not to mention the Senate as a pig has of flying.    

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