Sunday, February 27, 2011

Koch Brothers Disinformation Campaign

Somebody came up with a really good idea regarding foreign jobs and imports.  Why not tax, at the point of purchase, all imported goods and especially from China.  That would slow down imports and Wal-Mart shoppers. Which is just fine with me.  I do my best to make sure that I don't buy anything made outside of this country.  But it is very difficult.  Everything seems to be made somewhere else.  

What I started out to write about though, is the appalling situation in Wisconsin.  Governor Walker is so very obviously one of the Koch brother's minions.  And the Wisconsin State House Republicans yesterday voted unanimously to pass the worst and most treasonous anti-worker bill in US history.  And the people who have protested are right.  But the Koch brothers have begun a campaign of disinformation supporting Walker. After all, it was the Koch brothers' money that put a sleaze bag like Walker into office in the first place.

This video is the Koch brothers response to the Americans who rallied throughout America today.  It is nothing but a pack of lies.  Pure garbage.  I show it here to give an idea of how low these conservatives will sink and how earnest they are about taking over America.



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