Friday, January 14, 2011

Replacing Repealed Health Care With...?

First of all, the Republicans are really serious about doing as much damage as they can get away with; and first on the list is getting rid of Health Care Reform.  This may well turn out to be a serious error in strategy.

How so?

As most good sales people know, if you want to motivate someone to buy something, first you put the product in front of them.  Let them get comfortable with it.  Then take it away.  Suddenly they will feel a big empty void  And voilá!  Another fine product sold.  In the same way, the debate over health care reform was long and bitter; and when it passed, there was a finality to it.  We were into a new and more civilized era.  So, if the Republicans actually do remove it  there just might be a big reaction across the nation that the newly arrived Republican Congress is not looking for.

So efforts to repeal may be a blessing in disguise.  Follow that with the cutting of Social Security and the Republican Party can kiss the White House goodbye in 2012.  

But Americans are starting to fight back.  It becomes apparent that the GOP is not merely the party of NO,  it is now the party of We Hate Americans But We Really Hate Seniors.  So Alan Grayson's summary of the Republican outlook regarding health care was dead on:

"Republicans to seniors:  Hurry up and die!"

And they send Sarah Palin out to scream "Death Panels!  Death Panels!"  to throw the Tea Baggers off the track; and maybe even convince a few morons that the Republican leadership's hearts are in the right place.  But now that the dust has settled, we see plainly that they never had hearts to begin with,  and their motives are projected onto the horizon in stark relief.  So, regarding health care, Republican Congressmen from Boner  to McConnell, to Simpson, Rush Limbaugh, et al, they want everything for themselves and nothing for you.  Well, at least that gives them get high marks for consistency.  

They are claiming that they have a mandate from the American people to repeal, but they're just whistling in the dark on that score.  The American people are so against the Republican repeal of the very imperfect health care bill, by a factor of at least 65%,  it is difficult to understand where they would get the nerve, or the stupidity to make such an error in strategy.  Here is what happened recently, at one Town Hall Meeting.



But then too, today, Paul Krugman reminded everyone that the Health Care Insurance bill which finally got passed was the very bill which the Republicans themselves came up with back in the '90s. The madness which is inherent in the words and actions of the current batch of Congressional Republicans is not merely inconsistent and hypocritical, it is downright stupid and against the Common Good.  So what else is new?

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