Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Lewis Black on Glenn Beck's Nazi Tourettes

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W henever Lewis Black gets angry, I seem to lose control and slip to the floor; rolling back and forth, laughing hysterically.  Black consistently delivers one of the very funniest, and most explosive, monologues to be found. He is one of life's most frustrated critics.  In this video he takes on the foibles of Glenn Beck, and points out how frequently and with what ease Beck kicks over the traces of logic in his zest to Nazi-fy anybody he doesn't like; and perhaps, anybody who is standing around, nearby.  The Beckster hates Obama--- so he finds a similarity to Hitler; and bingo, Obama is Hitler.  Beck doesn't care how far he has to reach, nor how tortured the logic, if he doesn't like you you're a Nazi.  You have a mustache; Hitler had a mustache; therefore, you are Hitler.  Personally, I would say, "Hey, Glenn, say whatever you wish to say in the privacy of your own watercloset in front of your own mirror.  But when you broadcast such garbage to the nation on a channel which insists that it is a news channel, well, you're asking for it."

And when you write and publish a book,  the cover plastered with a ludicrous photograph of yourself in pseudo Nazi-drag, and all you are missing is the riding crop and the monocle, you're asking for all sorts of commentary, none of it positive.  Jon Stewart's on-air deconstructions of the Beck broadcasts, are very funny, too.  As well as spot on.  Breathtakingly so.  The thing is, that Beck, himself, is so over the top with his political madness, that it is hard for comedians to match him for the lurid, not lucid, yet madly comic take on Glenn Beck's twisted version of reality.  I once watched Beck being interviewed by Bill O'Reilley.  It was an astounding revelation to observe how sane O'Reilley looked next to poor old crazy Beck.


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