Saturday, November 6, 2010

Skull and Bones ll

Here, JFK speaks of the Skull and Bones secret society at Yale University, which, as will later be seen, is opposed to the aims of American freedom and and the Constitutional rights which are guaranteed in the United States Constitution.  The entire aim of the Skull and Bones is to gather and protect power and wealth.  And to keep them in the hands of the few.  If the American people truly understood the real meaning of this society they would insist on its destruction.  Yet, now, we have the ignorant masses, many of whom imagine that they and their families, will one day acquire the very same power and wealth.  The trouble with that outlook which is promoted by the system all around us, is that the same group which now holds the power and wealth is dedicated to ensuring that you never will advance that far.   All wealth and all power belongs to to this group and to them and their descendants alone.  They are the money behind the anti-American and obscenely racist, white supremacy groups.  Before the JFK video is another.  The first in a well documented series which investigates the inner workings of Skull and Bones.



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