Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Economic Forecast: Not Good

Just when things were looking up

Both Wall Street and the Whitehouse have been making optimistic noises lately and now along comes these guys in this video to rain on everybody's parade. It is true that the gloom and doomers back in the late seventies were telling us the world was going to end and very soon, but somehow it never did quite. Nope, it would take the Bush/Cheney folks a full eight years to make it really happen. The crimes of the banksters are finally even more terrible than we believed originally.

But have a look at this. Neither the banksters nor the Federal Reserve, which was created by criminals for criminals, anyway, have forsaken their crooked ways. There's Chris Dodd watering down any oversight legislation that might have teeth. If the country fails--- truly fails,--- the guys in the first video said, you should have been buying some gold each month, and buy property outside of the USA so you can get away. Also, in that eventuality, we know who is responsible: The Republicans.

Communism had a 60 odd year run in Russia. After 60 years they saw it was a failure and packed it in. But Capitalism, Republican Crony Capitalism, in America, has had a 30 year run, since Reagan took office. The legislature has, since then, from Reagan on, right up through 2006, been ruled by the Republicans.

Then the country's economy collapsed. After eight years, the Bushies --- the worst administration in the history of America --- finally destroyed what was left of the economy. Then Bush and Cheney skipped out and now enjoy themselves throwing stones at Obama, instead of being where they truly belong, in jail for life, if not a firing squad for Crimes Against Humanity and for War Crimes. Obama, who is, anyway, hiding something he shouldn't be covering up. Why else would he not allow the prosecution of CIA torturers and the entire Chain of Command.

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