Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Senate's Xmas Gift To Health Care Insurers

And Now Some Well Deserved Grandstanding

If you thought that the insurance companies were going to clean up their act and, for once, do something right, or, at least be what they say they are, and do what they say they do, you might want to rethink that illusion. They are, instead, stepping right up for an outright gift from the U.S. Senate. The US Congress has pulled off some sleazy legislation in the past decade; like the way they gave away the store to the Credit Card industry; allowing for the banks to raise their percentages to well above and beyond usurious rates. Then there's that delightful little $800,000,000,000B give-away to the banks, so they could have a nice retreat for their execs at some neat little luxe spa resort in Saint Bart's and talk about all the fun foreclosures they intend to get even richer on. All the small business loans they can deny. After all, it costs a lot of taxpayer money to say "NO!"

And these lavish gifts to those crooks slapped the faces of vast majorities of their constituents. But they knew one thing the public did not know: the public merely would groan and roll over, forget and forgive when the little tempest in a teapot blew over.

It takes real panache to stand up and take bows for the truly heroic act of sticking a standard size meat-hook up the collective bum of the American public and then of course, shaking it around up there and telling your constituents that what they are feeling is love. And all this without a kiss or benefit of KY Jelly.

I agree with Michael Moore when he says, on Larry King's show, that we are watching the end of Capitalism. Well, I have been calling it dog-eat-dog, end-game, Crony Capitalism for a few years now. And nobody, so far, has fired a shot! Well, except for the Crony Capitalists who have shot themselves in the foot and the American Economy in the heart and the head.

Harry Reid and Max Baucus have a lot of nerve to pose for photo ops for the Associated Press for a job so very poorly done. Your health Insurance rates are going to soar; sooner rather than later; and if the whopping new deductibles don't kill you first,(there is no provision for regulation) perhaps the co-pay rate hike will.

Here is Wendel Potter, perhaps the only insurance exec in the United States who has a conscience. He tells us exactly how crooked the insurance industry is, but does Congress listen to him. Well, they would be happy to listen to Wendel, just as soon as they can get their fingers out of their ears.

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