Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Global Economy Since 9/11

The End of Capitalism and Communism

T he old systems of both Capitalism and Communism have failed humanity. Both systems have been thoroughly discredited by their own shortcomings. Not by their enemies. Greed has afflicted so many in the first world as if it were a fatal disease like the plague. Greed has corrupted both the corporate system and government. We have seen the ways in which corporatism gives rise to corruption:
  • Built-in Obsolescense: product is designed to last until the warranty is done--- then it fails. Frequently a day later.
  • Then there is the issue of corporations buying out the United States Congress, both houses, to pass bills favorable to the corporations but unfair to consumers. We are watching this happen right now with the Health Care reform bill, now being debated in the United States Senate.
  • Government acts as the big umbrella corporation as if it were set up for the protection of the corporations; to insure greater corporate profit--- against the will and welfare of the American people. Thomas Jefferson, himself, began to rage against the corporations, and the banks, before the end of his presidential term. And Woodrow Wilson, though, in the beginning of his term, he was a corporate patsy, he later recanted, and before the dust had settled he accused the corporations and the banksters of crime and racketeering. John Fitsgerald Kennedy spoke out against secret organizations which sought to control American finance.
  • One feature of Crony Corporate Capitalism which is particularly onerous is Corporate Welfare, also known as Pigs at the Trough. This is a system where big corporations are given huge handouts of cash often in the billions, as gifts from Congress. At the same time, the same people castigate the poor for their slovenly ways and the right wingers make sure to cut their welfare payments, degrading the single mothers, calling them "Welfare Queens" who demand their entitlements!"

Make no mistake! These are not small crimes. These are the very crimes which lead eventually to the disintegration of civilization itself! Basically what has happened is that by becoming multi-national in their ever expanding quest for profit, many corporations have become treasonous national entities unto themselves.

This is a medieval construct.

If humanity is to survive, the greed must be reined in and tossed out. Otherwise, it all breaks down.

The Global Economy which is based either on Capitalism, or, in fewer cases, Communism, is collapsing. Both systems tend toward corruption. Consider The Socialist Nation of Viet Nam: Without an inspired leader such as Ho Chi Minh, the communist system has become totally corrupt. There is a reason unforeseen by Marx and by Adam Smith, a reason which cannot ever be denied or avoided. Namely, the human being, locked into an inflexible ideology (and all ideologies, by their nature, are inflexible) tends inevitably toward corruption of the rules.

When my wife and I were in Viet Nam, we learned from our Vietnamese guide, that, in Socialist Viet Nam, as in Capitalist countries, there is now an upper crust: A ruling elite class who have installed themselves, whether legitimately or not, as an unmoveable fixture of their culture. And through new laws and cronyism, they seek to prevent the rise of anybody else into their midst.

The Global economy is not merely on the verge of collapse! "The verge of collapse" has been the case for several decades now. Right now we are seeing the Global Economy in the process of collapse.

Here is another great documentary from Google. Commanding Heights, Part 3 of 3. It gives you an idea of the kind of profound educational experience of political and economic overview to be found by viewing a great many of these extremely well produced videos, such as this one and the 2 previous 2 hour installments. Even if you studied economics in College, everything has changed, now. But fear not, some of these videos can bring you up to date. Most were prepared originally as series for either PBS or the BBC.

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