Friday, September 18, 2009

Glenn Beck's Not Very Bright Children

September 12:

The Tea Party has come and gone. But the most amazing part of the venture was the video produced by New Left Media's Chase Whiteside. And published by The Public Whiteside simply interviews random marchers and asks simple, obvious questions such as why they are carrying the sign in their hands. You can watch the video: here.
The marchers all were encouraged to gather in DC by Glenn Beck of Fox News fame. The one who makes Bill O'Reilly, also of Faux News, appear to be sane. Beck is from a small planet called la la land. It is interesting to note how the Law of Attraction works so well, here. The people who love him are also dwellers in la la land.

So this is Beck's real audience: People so ill-informed they can scarcely say what day it is. The anger is very much misplaced anger. They are really angry with their fellow Americans for electing a black man for president. Thus they are really anti-American. Many don't realize that they are anti-American. Right wingers appear to deliberately not get it. There is a perverseness to this attitude of not getting it. For the past eight years the left has been calling George W. Bush a fascist, comparing him to Hitler. As it happens, they were correct! Dubya's grandfather, Prescott Bush was one of Hitler most important supporters. He gave Hitler outright millions. And many of Bush's speech were very close to Hitler in sentiment. How could one not compare him to Hitler?

But now, nearly a decade later, for the righties to try to accuse Obama of the same thing is so very lame. So not at all appropriate, that one wonders what planet these people spend their time on.

Obama is not even close to Hitler, neither in his speeches nor anywhere in his purview. But Bush definitely was! His signing of the Defense of Marriage bill was a fascist act. His signing of the Military Commissions Act in which was buried the cancelation of the old, traditionally American law of posse comitatus which essentially guarantees that the US Military cannot be used as a police force against the people of America, was the act of a fascist.

And yet Rush Limbaugh merrily mouths that Obama is a fascist.

In Rush, however, because he has some intelligence, though he is evil in his intent, this becomes an intolerable lie. Rush will say literally anything to get listener attention. His latest treasonous utterance being that buses in America should be racially segregated.

These are a small but very loud minority of people, and yes, they are low mentals. Certainly the level of intelligence is what happens when people are not only misinformed but proud of their ignorance.

Boistrous Ignorance is anti-American!

Just one more video. This is about Glenn Beck being the worst misinformer of the Year! I love it that Rupert Murdock supports him. Very sick, twisted minds sorting out what reality is about and coming up with the dead wrong answers:

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